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Community Driven token built on Ethereum Network


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Myōbu is a title which was given to ladies of the fifth rank in the imperial court or to midrank noblewomen. In The Pillow Book, Lady Myōbu was also the name of a pet cat belonging to Empress Consort Sadako, whom the author Sei Shōnagon served.
The first recorded name of a cat in Japan is Myobu no Otodo, which means Chief Lady-in-Waiting of the Inner Palace. This aristocratic sounding name was given her by Emperor Ichijo (980-1011). The cat had a special rank at the court, and ladies-in-waiting were placed in charge of looking after her.

Our Roadmap


Phase 1

  • Web Development and Launch
  • Fair Launch and Listing on Uniswap
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Trending on Twitter

Phase 2

  • CG/CMC Listings
  • More DEX Listing
  • More CEX Listing
  • 1.000+++ Holders

Phase 3

  • Tier 1 Exchange Listings
  • Huge Partner
  • 10.000+++ Holder
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